To better protect a client’s assets, rather than have a Trustee entity heavy with retained profits, we saw an opportunity to resign the current Trustee and introduce a new $2 company to protect $1 million worth of value away from any trading risk.

Asset Protection

Brett with an existing transport business came to us “I’m paying too much tax, there must be a better way !” We reviewed Brett’s family and business situation, restructured his business entities that resulted his business with an annual tax saving of $10,000 every year ongoing.

Tax Planning

By incorporating a new corporate beneficiary “bucket company” into a group with a new family trust as shareholder, we were able to increase distribution flexibility and potentially minimise top-up tax in the future.

Bucket Company

By stepping back and looking at how a potential client's business had been funded, we saw an opportunity to recycle debt around the group to make what was non-tax-deductible interest now deductible, saving them $12,000 per annum.

Debt Recycling

We successfully guided an existing client through the due diligence of their once in a lifetime business sale offer, too good to refuse. Each of the owners faced a $800,000 capital gains tax bill. Through persistent planned applications to the ATO, we successfully argued and proved that despite the large sale price, the client qualified for Small Business Capital Gains Tax Concessions reducing the CGT to virtually nil.

Business Sale

In reviewing the entities of recently appointed clients, we were able to identify at least one entity that was not required to the family group and could be wound up. Removing an entity allowed for a reduction in their accounting fees and ASIC fees at least $1,000 a year, along with a more simplified structure that was easier to understand.

Structure Simplification

2 employee shareholders holding around 25% of an existing business felt they were gaining no benefit for the cost of their investment and were concerned about the asking price for future investment. We valued the company which highlighted their mistreatment, they exited the business and have now successfully built a $3 million-dollar business together.

Employee shareholders' unfair treatment