THOMPSON PARTNERS is a Brisbane based accounting firm delivering high quality professional financial solutions to Private Clients and Businesses across all industries.

The foundation of THOMPSON PARTNERS comes from Mark Thompson starting out his accounting career in the challenging economic times of the early nineties. He was fortunate enough to take up a graduate position at a boutique firm called White Perry where the two partners came from different spectrums of Commerce. One from traditional General Practice and the other from Investment Banking. This gave him exposure to delivering a wide range of commerce advice at a high professional level of service. Mark was appointed a full equity partnership at the firm 7 years after joining.

From there he joined Whytes Accountants for the next 20 years and was involved in re-positioning the service offering of that firm and how they delivered this to clients. After joining as a partner Mark grew his division rapidly through positive client referrals. For 19 consecutive years he was the highest fee earning partner and lead the biggest division of the firm’s clients and professional staff.

Mark puts this success down to recruiting and building a team of quality Accountants. A key early decision was offering Hudson Smith a ‘pathway to partnership’ opportunity and recruiting him in 2003 from multinational accounting firm Ernst & Young. Hudson was Senior Manager of Mark’s team for 4 years before strongly demonstrating the capabilities to become a full equity partner through his ability to advise clients at a high level and introduce new clients from the positive referrals he was receiving. Hudson became a partner at Whytes in 2007, running the second biggest division at the firm. Hudson is an equity partner at THOMPSON PARTNERS.

Megan Peters joined Mark’s team at Whytes after previous professional time at national accountancy firm Bentley’s and gained industry experience at CSR Timber Products Ltd.  During the early years of raising young children Megan worked for a training organisation and a not-for-profit as CEO as well as establishing a bookkeeping business.  Mark recruited Megan back into professional practice and she quickly became Senior Manager of his team and has been for the last 7 years. Megan’s disciplined focus on professional development, exceptional staff management and valued client interaction has seen her become a partner at THOMPSON PARTNERS.

Together, Mark, Hudson and Megan lead a talented, honest and very hard working team of accounting professionals who strive to serve clients financial needs at a high professional level.

THOMPSON PARTNERS team members pride themselves on providing proactive service line solutions incorporating a current and detailed understanding of ‘whole of client’ affairs.

We are wise counsel bringing financial solutions to our private clients through Thinking Forward. Our talented teams understand the full spectrum of our client’s financial affairs through structured systems and processes. This ensures our professional advice continually keeps pace with the ever-changing nature of a client’s various stages of their financial and business life.

We focus on family and lifestyle for us and our clients. We are balanced while driven. We are proactive.

We value greatly our long standing client relationships.

We understand changing accountants is a big deal, read how we approach meeting new clients and discussing the options.